Cena de Navidad

Estimadas familias: El prГximo sГbado, 19 de diciembre, se celebrarГ la tradicional cena de Navidad. Es una ocasiГn de encuentro para todos, en la que esperamos contar con la presencia de los padres, profesores, hermanos y todos aquellos que quieran acudir. La cena estГ abierta a todos los miembros de


Asamblea General

El prГximo jueves, 26 de noviembre a las 18:45 h en primera convocatoria y a las 19 h en segunda convocatoria, se ha celebrarГ la Asamblea General Ordinaria, en el SalГn Champagnat. MГs informaciГn.


Actividades y cursos

Un aГo mГs desde la APYMA se han organizado una serie de actividades y cursos formativos para padres y madres del colegio. Esperamos que sean de vuestro interГs. MГs informaciГn en el siguiente enlace:В ACTIVIDADES/CURSOS В В В


ВBienvenidos a nuestra nueva web!

Tras varias semanas de trabajo, ya estГ activa la nueva web de la asociaciГn. Desde Apyma hemos querido renovar por completo nuestra presencia en Internet con una web mГs actual, optimizada para todo tipo de dispositivos mГviles, pues cada vez son mГs los usuarios que navegan desde su mГvil o


Venta de libros para el curso 2015/16

Desde la web del colegio se informa que para el prГximo curso 2015/16 se pueden adquirir los libros de texto por dos sistemas diferentes: el tradicional mediante la venta en el centro y, como novedad este aГo, de forma online en el siguiente enlace: En el documento adjunto se


Visita al comedor del colegio

El prГximo 26 de marzo, jueves, a las 13 h, se realizarГ una visita al comedor del colegio guiada por personal de Jangarria-Ausolan. El punto de encuentro serГ la entrada principal de colegio. Para conocer con antelaciГn el nГmero de personas que va a asistir a la visita, todas las



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Mathis smiled back at him. said the matron, interposing, and returning, as she spoke, the searching look of monks i know they will always keep _one_ till its found out, said monks and what may that be? vesper's door was open. i understand now! with a snarl it raced out to the wide entrance gate in a spray of gravel. christine seemed to be standing dumb with horror, without the strength to cry out, while the monster was on his knees in front of her. after the patron had expressed his regret and enlarged on the dangers of going out of doors in almost any weather, bond casually asked about the other customer. in the back seat was the tall thin gunman. so on the eighth day he asked for her, for the early morning when he was feeling refreshed and strong after the night's rest Machine slot Machine slot Rejoined the jew, furiously it does not change it, then! raoul hurriedly left his seat, the count disappeared from his box, and everyone in the audience spoke at once, trying to suggest an explanation. it's the ghost! he would take on smersh and hunt it down Machine slot Said mr brownlow, addressing her spouse i never saw him in all my life, said mr bumble nor sold him anything, perhaps?no, replied mrs bumble you never had, perhaps, a certain gold locket and ring? but his brother told him all the details. the small pink waves idly licked the sand. good money in those days. when he had finished, he followed her. where had she gone? he thought that the newspapers might be interested in it Machine slot Un,said the voice. he ran after her, but she shouted, leave me! i wish you had been the dog, fagin, half a minute ago why?. gambling

The newspaper reported a promise of marriage between viscount raoul chagny and mademoiselle christine daae

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He slipped his feet into a pair of darkblue leather sandals and went downstairs and out of the house and across the terrace to the beach. le baccarat,intoned the croupier as he spaded the thick chips over the table to bond. are you afraid that you will change your mind, christine?. casino online us The persian's story, christine daae's papers, and the statements made to me by people who worked under richard and moncharmin all helped me to make some important discoveries. the doctor says that bathing would be very good for you. cried mrs maylie, rising hastily, and bending over her what is this?.

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Le chiffre showed no trace of emotion. although this door could be seen by christine, it was impossible to see from inside the torture room. i'd better explain what i'm going to try and do and how you can help. that is why madame muntz has the grippe and takes all her meals in bed and why monsieur muntz has to be constantly at her side instead of enjoying the sunshine and the gambling of this delightful resort. i heard him say, 'your soul is a beautiful thing, child, and i thank you. cried fagin he shallhe will!ah, to be sure, so he will, repeated charley, rubbing his hands i think i see him now, cried the jew, bending his eyes upon his pupil so do i, cried charley bates ha! i asked if that was all and he said: "well, tell him that the treasury is greatly relieved Machine slot There was the click of a knife opening. don't talk about it now,she said. deux,said the grinning mouth. mathis realized that he was going too far. the eyes reappeared Offer Exclusive Readers Casino Ladbrokes for Exclaimed sikes where? mathis opened the door and stopped on the threshold. asked mr brownlow yes, yes, replied the other his dog has been seen lurking about some old haunt, and there seems little doubt that his master either is, or will be, there, under cover of the darkness spies are hovering about in every direction i have spoken to the men who are charged with his capture, and they tell me he cannot escape a reward of a hundred pounds is proclaimed by government tonight i will give fifty more, said mr brownlow, and proclaim it with my own lips upon the spot, if i can reach it where is mr maylie?harry? why did you go back to him? why won't they let anyone come near them or touch them? at least, i think it must have been a scream. the shot made a terrible noise

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